aida is a Danish design company that designs, develops and produces good quality products with functional design, and has a history stretching back more than 60 years.


When Ancher Iversen founded the company in 1953 (then known as Ancher Iversen a/s), the trend at the time was for highly patterned porcelain. He had the idea of buying surplus production of white china from the post-war period, which he then had Danish ceramicist painters decorate with gold. This initial success enabled the company to grow and expand and eventually become a leading Danish design brand. In 1996 Ancher Inverson a/s bought the old Danish Søholm Stoneware factory (founded in 1835, the oldest factory on the island of Bornholm).  A huge range of stoneware had been produced in Søholm during its hey day by well-known, renowned designers.


aida, the new name of the company, aims to give its customers the highest possible value for money with aesthetically pleasing tableware using quality materials.  aida works hand in hand with its reputable and talented designers and artists who all have in common a modern Scandinavian approach to their work. Simplicity, minimalism and functionality are prioritised without eliminating style and beauty. Constant and dynamic product development is the key to aida’s success and longevity. The designs embrace the trends of today whilst also retaining a timeless quality.

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