This is a stunning collection of tableware ranges by the increasingly popular Danish brand, Bitz. These stoneware plates, bowls, dishes and cups are made from clay that is fired at 1250 degrees celsius causing the crystals to melt together resulting in an incredibly strong and durable product that is dishwasher, oven, microwave and freezer safe.


The original Bitz Stoneware collection continues to excite chefs with it’s sparse, industrial design available in black, grey and antique green. Within this range is a selection of dishes and oven to table ware which give a new dimension to serving and presentation options.


Gastro by Bitz is a stunning tableware collection of stoneware plates, bowls and cups. Produced with grey or black matte undersides each unique piece is fired with a reactive glaze that achieves an extra glow in a range of fresh colours. Perfect for everyday dining options, this robust collection is not commonly found in the UK whilst its various sizing options will help to frame any dish.


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Bitz Gastro Plates

Bitz Gastro Bowls

Bitz Stoneware

Bitz Serving

Bitz Coffee, Tea, Water

About the Brand

Christian Bitz has an impressive background in the world of research and nutritional science. He is a familiar figure on Danish television where he has contributed as a regular nutrition and health expert. Christian is the author of several bestseller books on the topic, including “Uperfekt” (Imperfect) which focuses on how health should be realistic and taste and feel amazing – and should not be based on guilt.


Christian Bitz holds a Master of Science in Human Nutrition from the University of Copenhagen. He is a research director at Herlev and Gentofte Hospitals in Denmark and has been involved in research projects and the development of food for the patients.


As one of the country’s most popular keynote speakers, Christian Bitz has embarked on several sold out tours around Denmark. He provides inspirational advice and recipes with great enthusiasm and motivation.


The Bitz collection is innovative dinnerware that turns a meal into an experience, where all of the senses are involved, giving the table a beautiful visual appearance. The tableware was developed in close collaboration with Christian Bitz and, as he quite rightly explains, “When we eat, we need to satisfy more than just our taste buds…”

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