Blue Gourmet Bowl 14cm




£11.20 exc vat each

Gourmet Bowls

By Degrenne Paris

Sleek looking gourmet bowl in the most vibrant blue shade.  Purchase the bowl on its own or with a separate lid that cleverly slides over and sits neatly on top revealing the contents inside.


The range of gourmet bowls also include a 12cm (30cl) option and a mini bowl 7.3cm (7cl) with colour choices of carbon, blue, sandy white and brilliant white.  Matte and shiny finishes provide contrast and the bowls look stunning when combined with Boréal, Collection L and Graphique pieces.


A range of gourmet bowls of the same size are available from Degrenne’s Bahia collection in colour choices of Beige Dune, Brown Basalt, Green Clay, Pink Sand and Blue Stone.



Diameter 14cm

Capacity 50cl

Colour & Material

Stoneware, blue

Care Instructions

Dishwasher and microwave safe

Item Number


Degrenne Paris

Degrenne Paris is synonymous with the sleek lines and the finest materials you would expect when looking for inspiration to dress your table in the most impressive style. Continually innovating and creating, the brand inspires professionals worldwide to be the best that they can be.


Degrenne’s history is a fascinating one. The idea of using the recovered armoured steel of abandoned tanks from the beaches of Normandy after WWII to produce stamping dies for stainless steel cutlery was a revolutionary one. Over the years the addition of beautiful tableware, glassware and hotelware has added to the scope and appeal.


Still manufactured to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship in sites across France – the Degrenne trademark is one associated with style and finesse.

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