‘Ceramic Lab CLK-151’ Plate 16cm Beige




£15.00 exc vat each

Ceramic Lab CLK-151 Tableware

By Kinto

The Ceramic Lab CLK-151 collection of tableware from Japan has an understated elegance and beauty.  The neutral colours of the glazing blend with the exposed rough clay at the bottom of each piece.  Plates and bowls have a sturdy thickness and are easily stacked.


This tableware has a serene presence all of its own, providing a tranquil canvas for beautiful food.



Diameter 16cm

Height 1.7cm

Colour & Material

Porcelain, beige with exposed clay

Care Instructions

Dishwasher and microwave safe

Item Number



Kinto was established in 1972 as a wholesaler of tableware in Shiga, Japan.  They went on to develop their own products and have been exporting worldwide since 2010.


Explore the world of Kinto – elegant, practical, contemporary tea and coffee solutions and irresistible tableware to be proud of.  Kinto values the balance between usability and aesthetics and aims to continue developing products with genuine creativity and thoughtfulness,  that inspire and give fulfilment with every touch and use.

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