Headed up by a father and daughter duo, this family run business was formed in 2017 to bring back the manufacture of an authentic balti bowl in the heart of Birmingham.


The Balti was invented by a Birmingham restauranteur back in the 1970’s who wanted to expand his customer base beyond those from the local Pakistani community.  Tasty combinations of spices and fresh herbs flavour the various Balti dishes which are cooked in vegetable oil, as a healthier alternative to ghee.  The dish is cooked quickly in the specially designed Balti bowl and served straight from hob to table.


The original bowls went out of production in the 1990’s and whilst there are other versions available they are not necessarily suitable for cooking over high heat, which is the authentic way to cook a Balti.


Before manufacturing could commence much research was carried out, including discussions and debates with chef’s from Birmingham’s Balti Triangle about details such as the exact angle of the handles and the diameter and thickness of the steel.


The bowls are made with high quality steel by one of Birmingham’s longest established manufacturers AE Harris, based in the heart of the City’s historic jewellery Quarter.


The steel is pressed from a round blank, the excess carefully removed with a cutting tool, the base of the bowl embossed with its unique mark and then hand finished with the handles being expertly welded. The bowls are then cleaned before being treated with a light oil spray and packed.


Once received by the customer, careful ‘seasoning’ using the instructions provided should ensure a lifetime worth of tasty balti dishes!

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